Executive Recruitment

Our Purpose, Vision and Values

Our Purpose

To enable our customers to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients and populations.

Our Vision

To be sought after as the commissioning support service provider of choice in the south of England because of our:

  • focus on delivering transformational change, through insight, skills and intelligence
  • ability to integrate with the fabric of local health and care systems to make change happen
  • track record in delivering great support services
  • ability to work with a range of partners (from the independent, third and university sectors) to create the best solutions for individual customers.

Our Values

Our values are the promises that we make to our customers and to ourselves about how we do business. They underpin the work we do, guide who we choose to partner with, and influence who we recruit. So, if you'd like to work at SCW, these are the values you'll also need to believe in and want to live up to.

Patients First

  • Making a difference
  • Improving the quality of care
  • Delivering effective services


  • Delivering excellence
  • Celebrating innovation
  • Becoming the best


  • Building effective partnerships
  • Focusing on delivery
  • Achieving shared goals


  • Understanding complexities
  • Challenging convention
  • Revealing opportunities


  • Treating you with respect
  • Valuing your knowledge
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